New York Fashion Week Day Three Outfit


Today I am excited to share my New York Fashion Week day three outfit! Day three in New York was super exciting for two reasons: it snowed and I was able to spend time with Holly of!

Although freezing, I was overjoyed when large flakes of snow started to fall from the sky while I was shooting this post! The snow made standing outside Lincoln Center that much more magical. On this day I opted to wear my Rag & Bone leopard midi dress. When thinking about how to style a leopard midi dress for single-digit temperatures, I decided warmth was going to have to be a factor. No matter what. However, I didn't want to compromise looking fashionable for warmth. I mean, I was at NYFW! So, I opted to style the leopard print dress with a fur vest for both added luxe and warmth. The key here though is that I made sure to add a belt over the top and cinch it all in! This created a fresh silhouette and I avoided getting lost in the layers of leopard and fur. With so many neutral colors coming together between the fur and leopard in this look, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to carry my FENDI Demi Jour split shoulder bag in burgundy (currently on sale- 20% off). The splash of burgundy made for a nice statement without competing with the other elements in the outfit. Not surprisingly, Holly (pictured in the photo above) had the same idea this day!

As I mentioned above, on this day I ran into my Instagram friend Holly of! Since Holly lives in Washington, D.C. and I live in Washington State, we've only been able to communicate and show appreciation for each other's style via the internet... until now! So you can only imagine how incredible it was to finally meet in person. We totally hit it off. Together we attended shows, shot some photos, and even found time to grab a bite. Her style is effortlessly chic and I appreciate her attention to detail. She is always sharing unique styling ideas on her blog. Check it out!

Look back for more fashion week outfits!