How to Style High Waisted Cutoff Shorts


how to style HIGH WAISTED CUT OFF SHORTShow to style HIGH WAISTED CUT OFF SHORTS Chloe Drew Mini Chain Shoulder Bag in Black

Busted knees and distressed denim continue to be must-haves when it comes to finding the perfect pair of jeans or shorts. Although perfect for weekends and casual hangouts, I find pulling off rips, tears, and holes isn't all that easy. I can't tell you how many times I've heard the joke, "can't you afford new jeans?!" when in fact my jeans are brand new! Nevertheless, today I am sharing a super easy way to dress-up these fashion must-haves. So, how to style high waisted cutoff shorts... I've opted to elevate my denim by layering on my favorite black blazer, white blouse, and (fresh from france) Chloe Drew handbag. The black and white color palette adds sophistication while the tailored  blouse and blazer balance out the "messy" look of the denim with clean lines. However, I've purposely only partially tucked-in my blouse to keep that effortless appeal distressed denim is oh-so-loved for.

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