Styling Tips for Wearing Over-the-knee Boots

black and white outfitblack and white outfitStyling Tips for Wearing Over-the-knee Bootsblack and white outfitblack and white outfit black and white outfit

Over-the-knee boots have become one of my biggest wardrobe staples this fall/winter season. I love the added drama a few extra inches of leather or suede brings to any outfit. And, maybe even more importantly, over-the-knee boots make shorter hemlines totally doable during the winter. Meaning I'm pulling out skirts, rompers, and dresses normally reserved for warmer temperatures. However, the formula for the perfect over-the-knee boot look is one that takes a little practice. The key is to construct a well-balanced outfit. In wearing over-the-knee boots these last four months, I've learned a few tricks to avoid looking overally sexy or short (scream)! I've broken down my formula into three styling tips for wearing over-the-knee boots. Here they are:

Styling Tips for Wearing Over-the-knee Boots


  • First, pair your over-the-knee boots with shorter hemlines. The result? Legs for days. This is because the added space between the top of your boots and hem adds extra length to your legs.
  • Second, opt for a matching pair of tights or skinny/slim pant. This will highlight your legs and further elongate your silhouette.
  • Finally, pair your boots with classic layers such as a sweater and long-sleeve blouse. By keeping your top-half casual and loose, you'll leave all the drama to your boots.


I've put all these tips into practice to achieve my black and white inspired look today. I've layered my loose fitting sweater over a tunic collared shirt and leather mini-skirt. By keeping the look monochromatic, all the attention goes to my shiny leather details - just where I want it. By following these three rules of thumb the options for styling over-the-knee boots is pretty much limitless. I'm thinking that maybe I'll try swapping my sweater and shirt for a long-sleeve striped tee next. What do you think?

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