Wearing Black and Navy this winter

ADRIENNE LANDAU Navy Fox Fur Standing Collar VestADRIENNE LANDAU Navy Fox Fur Standing Collar VestADRIENNE LANDAU Navy Fox Fur Standing Collar VestADRIENNE LANDAU Navy Fox Fur Standing Collar Vest  

Hello from snowy Big Sky, Montana! I've escaped again into the mountains for a weekend away from the city. Montana is such a beautiful state - wide, open and full of nature. As you might have guessed, cold-weather style is one of my favorite looks. I love dressing the part for any mountain lodge or après-ski fun.  For my first outfit of the trip, I layered on some of my favorite black and navy pieces - making sure to look the parts with lots of fur and leather.

Now realizing this is my third black and navy outfit post within the past month. I figure I might as well talk a little bit about my love for the color combination and how I'm wearing black and navy this winter. Both black and navy are sophisticated colors - so when worn together the two compliment each other effortlessly. Even better, this perfect match works day-to-night because navy and black are both neutral colors. This means you can pretty much wear them in any combination: black pants and navy coat, navy skirt and black leather jacket, etc. So the good news is that you probably already have a few pieces in your closet to work with.

I always make sure to layer the opposing colors over each other to create contrast. I've done this in today's look by layering alternating navy and black items over each other, my navy vest over my black leather pants and then my black Chanel handbag over my navy vest. Another trick to really playing up your purposeful use of navy and black is to use texture. The use of leather, suede, knits, or fur is the perfect way to keep the colors from bleeding together. However, for a subtler yet equally sophisticated look, opt for similar fabrics to create less contrast.

However you choose to style your navy and black outfit, I'm finding this color combination to be a fresh look and a great alternative to the head-to-toe black uniform I often find myself wearing. For more black and navy inspired looks, check-out my Black & Navy Pinterest board where I've pinned a ton of fun ideas. Look out for more black and navy outfits coming your way!

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