Jumpstart Your Summer Wardrobe with a Romper


Diane von Furstenberg Celeste RomperDiane von Furstenberg Celeste Romper summer outfit Wide-brimmed straw hatHardy Design Works open-toe sandal in shiny metallic leather Wide-brimmed straw hatDiane von Furstenberg Celeste Romper

Nothing screams summer more than a bold print in an equally bold color! What's better is the pairing of this modern graphic print with such a classic silhouette, the wrap. The combination is bold yet feminine. To boot, this wrap is actually a romper. However, from the front you'd never know, as the hem hangs like a dress. If you haven't noticed from my string of recent posts (herehere, here, here, and here) featuring this silhouette, I have a very serious addiction to rompers. I'm a big fan because they offer a sense of playfulness without having to commit to a minidress. Moreover, depending on how you style your romper, they are appropriate for just about every occasion. That is, rompers are extremely versatile. Today, I've opted to play-up my DVF romper's summery personality by pairing it with sparkly accessories and a wide-brimmed straw hat (the most glamorous way to keep cool). While you could totally style this short hemline with flats, I've opted for heels as these metallic sandals' high stiletto lengthens the legs for an ultra-feminine silhouette!

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